Returning an Item

Subject to the conditions in this clause, Goods sold in Australia mainland may be returned for a refund, exchange or replacement within 14 days provided they are returned unused, in a saleable condition and in their original packaging.

However, any unwanted, non-faulty or non-damaged Goods returned more than 10 days after delivery will be subject to a 25% restocking charge (calculated by Order value) on refunds. Certain Goods cannot be returned for hygiene reasons. Certain Goods such as knives must be returned in adequate postal packaging for health and safety reasons. Certain last-in-line or special-to-order Goods may also be non-returnable and will be flagged accordingly on the Rinkit Wholesale website or catalogue. The cost of returns may be refunded in whole or in part to the Customer at Rinkit Wholesale's discretion.

Damaged Goods

Goods that are damaged due to delivery must be reported to Rinkit Wholesale within 24 hours. Large orders delivered by pallet delivery carrier must be inspected by the Customer on delivery for damage and an acceptance of delivery docket completed noting any damage that resulted from delivery. Goods that are missing from delivery must be reported to Rinkit Wholesale within 24 hours from delivery.


Goods are guaranteed in accordance with the terms of the manufacturer's warranty or for 1 year from delivery unless otherwise stated. Goods reported faulty within the specified warranty period may be repaired, exchanged or replaced at Rinkit Wholesale's discretion.

The warranties in this Clause do not apply to Goods that have not been paid for in full and/or any defect in the Goods caused by the fault, negligence or failure of the Customer to use the Goods for their normal intended purpose or failure to adhere to manufacturer instructions (including storage, use in incorrect environment, maintenance.). Goods marked ‘no commercial warranty' are sold without any warranties unless otherwise stated. Certain Goods may be disposed of in accordance with Rinkit Wholesale safety instructions for replacement, exchange or refund with Rinkit Wholesale's prior approval. No Goods will be sold on a ‘sale or return' basis without prior written approval by Rinkit Wholesale.

Rinkit Wholesale may in its reasonable discretion invalidate warranties for any Goods that have been or are suspected to have been altered, tampered with, serviced, repaired or attended to without Rinkit Wholesale's prior endorsement or approval. Any Goods repaired or replaced will be guaranteed only for the unexpired or remaining portion of the warranty period of the original Goods that were repaired or replaced.